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About Us

Driver Check is one of the leading fleet management companies in South Africa. As a proudly South African company established in 2008 to save lives on the South African roads. We achieve this by assisting fleet owners to improve driver behaviour and responsibility through motorist feedback, as well as vehicle monitoring and tracking. Better driver performance results in fewer accidents, lower insurance costs and lower fleet maintenance expenses.  We also do crossborder and already have fleets in Africa.

There are over 14,000 vehicles participating in our Driver Monitoring Service, identified by the Driver Check bumper sticker. In addition to this service, Driver Check has recently partnered with Titan Telemetry in order to offer a full range of Fleet Monitoring and Tracking Solutions.

Driver Check is a Level 4 B-BBBEE accredited company. See our certificate here

Our Vision

“Our vision is to have every transport vehicle in this country covered with a driver monitoring sticker. We need to make it affordable enough for this to happen, and we all need to be committed to safety on the roads.”

Our Mission

Driver Check was established to reduce the number of deaths on the roads in South Africa. We aim to be the market leader in minimising the number of motor vehicle accidents, as well as minimising financial losses as a result of the high accident rate and resulting high vehicle insurance and maintenance costs.

Driver Check is a driver monitoring service that holds drivers accountable for their actions while they’re behind the wheel. The Driver Check bumper sticker identifies vehicles participating in the program and displays the telephone number on which motorists can report unsafe driving.

Our system provides owners/fleet managers with full statistics and graphs showing driver trends that help identify drivers with persistently unsafe driving incidents. This early warning system allows your company to be proactive, enabling the retraining of problem drivers, rather than reacting only after a costly accident has occurred.

Driver Check was designed to increase safety on the roadways. Fleet Owners may already have tracking systems detailing speed and location but are unaware of driver attitude on the road. Any negative actions made on the road have an immediate detrimental impact on the company image and bottom line. We also supply comprehensive fleet tracking management systems.



Gail Robertson

Managing Director

Gail was appointed as Sales Director in 2009, and as Managing Director in June 2012.

Gail has over 20 years’ experience in the sales and marketing field, for companies in many different industries, including the transport sector. She brings with her a wealth of experience in public relations, sales and the services industry which has been highly valuable in establishing and growing Driver Check.

She has a passion for road safety. She believes there is an ongoing need in this country for education and awareness, and that fleet owners need to be aware of fleet integrity. Her greatest concern is that the transport industry keeps the wheels of the economy rolling, but our South African road death toll is still one of the highest in the world, with more than 40 fatalities per day.

Gail is personally committed to reducing the number of road fatalities in South Africa.