How is my driving?

Driver Check is a proudly South African company established in 2008 to save lives on the South African roads. We achieve this by assisting fleet owners to improve driver behaviour and responsibility through motorist feedback. There are over 14,000 vehicles participating in our Driver Monitoring Service, identified by the Driver Check bumper sticker. Better driver performance results in fewer accidents, lower insurance excess costs and lower fleet maintenance expenses.

What is included in the Driver Monitoring Service?

The service is based on a "How is my driving" bumper sticker which is put on the back of all your fleet vehicles. The telephone number on the sticker is linked to a 24/7 Call Centre that motorists can call to report incidents of unsafe road use. The fleet manager will be provided with instant SMS and email notification of incidents, and month end reports are provided showing detailed call reports and driver trends. The service is based on a low monthly fee.

What are the Benefits of the Driver Check Monitoring Service?

Ultimately the goal of this service is to keep our South Africa's roads safe. Other benefits include:
  • Paper/Audit Trail - See what has been reported! One bad call doesn't make a bad driver, but see the what calls have come before. Always have the history!
  • Management Tool - Use the graphs and statistics to manage your drivers. Decide who needs training or retraining, disciplinary actions, or recognition.
  • Enhance your Public Image - The sticker shows that your company cares about safety on our roads, and the safety of the children. Good driver behaviour maintains a good public image.
  • Assess which sub contractors are most responsible - Who should be on your preferred transporter list.
  • Safeguard your goods/deliveries - peace of mind! Know what is happening.
  • Risk Management - Proactive positive adjustment to unsafe driving habits. Studies by major insurance companies reported that driver monitoring programs lower accident rates by as much as 50%, resulting in fewer payouts for insurance excesses.
  • Save Lives - Early warning and targeted driver training reduces accident rates.
  • Driver Training Assessment - Statistics enable impact assessment of driver training and counseling.
  • Retain Responsible Drivers - Positive recognition for your better drivers.
  • Protect Drivers from Losing their Licences - The new demerit system makes it vital to avoid infringements.
  • Endorsed by Insurance Companies - Our proactive approach to safety is endorsed by insurance companies.

Fleet Monitoring and Tracking Solutions

In addition to our Driver Monitoring Service, we also offer integrated Fleet Monitoring and Tracking Solutions, including options such as an on-board computer to monitor vehicle data such as speed, oil temperature etc, a GPS to track vehicle location, a video camera to monitor the road ahead as well as the cabin, driver tags to map drivers to vehicles, and many others. All vehicle information can be tracked through our web-based interface. This service is available on a low monthly rental over 36 months.
DriverCheck - safer South African roads